The SIDIM, the Montréal Design Show, invites you to the second edition of its Shadows & Light exposition/symposium, this September 12 to 14.

The industry’s major players will be on hand to present the new trends in this burgeoning sector, both in terms of product design and constant technological improvement.

The lighting industry is a growing one, especially in Montréal. The Shadows & Light exposition/symposium is therefore a wonderful occasion to provide home-grown creators with a venue, and to generate synergy and stimulate exchanges among those responsible for conception, manufacturing and distribution, as well as users: businesses, offices, public sector and consumers.

New design trends in mood lighting and urban and architectural lighting will be presented by Shadows and Light exhibitors. We will also discuss the role of ergonomics, the notions of sustainable development and energy savings, as well as new achievements in home automation and the smart homes and offices with which it interacts.

In addition, a series of seminars will help you better understand this fascinating industry’s various components.

Shadows & Light at the 2019 SIDIM is:

  • A series of seminars offered by industry professionals regarding lighting’s top topics;
  • A 7500 sq ft exhibition space;
  • A warm lounge space, with sitting area and bar for lively meetings and discussions.