Designer lovers: Here are some of the most beautiful hotels in Montreal where you absolutely have to go!

Are you looking for a nice place to stay for a visit to the big city? We have exactly what you need!

Here is a list of the most prestigious hotels that have won one, or even several awards, for their design and architecture that makes dream more than one person:

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth
900 Boulevard René-Lévesque O, Montréal, QC H3B 4A5

While paying tribute to its past, the 21-storey renovation of the Fairmont Hotel The Queen Elizabeth was intended to offer new programming more in line with its Montreal character. Inaugurated in 1958, the 1,051-room hotel (now 950 rooms) is an example of the contemporary international style. The zones are well defined, a challenge for the amplitude of the space. We exceed the standards of the hotel here through successful innovation.

A mix of Parisian elegance and English style, the Rosélys restaurant embodies pragmatic sophistication. The different colours, very well proportioned, are blended to a very well-controlled art deco architecture. The jury noted the initiative to integrate canvases highlighted by lighting. A beautiful evolution that bridges the institution of the place and a creative, inspired, contemporary and daring modernity. For its part, the lighting fixture at the hotel’s front desk consisted of assembling 6,720 glass triangles on 120 backlit square plates to create a 40’ wide chandelier. This grand, vintage-style project conveys the classicism and authenticity of Quebec in the 1970s.

ÉPIK Hotel
171 Rue Saint-Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 1Z5

The Hôtel Epik, in one of the oldest buildings in Old Montreal, this 1,750 sq. ft. suite underwent a renovation that sought to preserve the unique 18th-century architecture of this space located in a former warehouse. Many of the original features recalling the building’s industrial past have been preserved, most notably an enormous wooden wheel that graces the lounge area.

In the bathroom, a partially burned wall, a vestige of a long-ago fire, adds to the lustre of age that permeates every room. It features a stylish, functional kitchen and a stairway that was remodelled to accentuate the height of the room, which leads to the bedroom and its adjoining patio overlooking the historic neighbourhood.

The jury remarked on the sensitivity of the redesign, which lends a comfy, homey feel to the space while preserving its original aesthetic. Large suites are a rarity in Montreal, and this one offers guests the type of stay that lives up to the city’s reputation for all things design while showcasing its duality between past and present. This warm and vibrant space won Zabb design the Hotel award.

ALT Hotel
120 Rue Peel, Montréal, QC H3C 0L8

Nestled within a vast real estate complex in Montreal’s Griffintown, the Alt Hotel Montreal is a project by architecture and design firm LEMAYMICHAUD. The firm designed all of the hotel’s interiors and worked closely with the building’s architects to develop the entrance and awning design details. The ALT philosophy can be felt immediately upon entering the lobby: spare at first glance, it offers a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Framed by a contemporary black metallic structure, the very urban lobby is enlivened by an original work of art made up of hundreds of Instagram photos on Montreal themes. The public areas are adorned with a tasteful selection of rugs and furniture, including a number of Quebec-made pieces, which the jury particularly appreciated.

The hotel was designed with comfort in mind and thoughtful attention paid to acoustics. Concrete features prominently inside the building, from the columns in the public areas, the polished lobby floor, and the exposed ceilings in the guest rooms. Wood is also extensively used, in a honeycomb pattern on the walls in the corridors, for the furniture, and in the comfortable guest rooms, where a simple layout ensures a high level of functionality. The bathroom modules are exclusively pre-fabricated for the hotel—a distinguishing feature unique to all ALT hotels—and allow the space to be astutely divided.

Ritz Carlton
1228 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1H6

Built in 1912, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal is the oldest of the prestigious hotel chain. Despite its undeniable heritage qualities and classic elegance, the time had come to modernize the hotel to the taste of a contemporary clientele. The firm Provencher_Roy + Associés Architectes therefore remodeled the existing 130 rooms and suites, renovated common areas, adding a touch of modern comfort, and built a ten-story residential wing.

A combination of glass and steel was recommended to attach the residential wings to the historical building as well as two additional floors on the hotel roof. The new structure is thus unobtrusive in daytime and becomes an amazing illuminated object at nightfall.

In order to offer future owners spectacular views while enhancing the facades, immense transparent loggias were built as extensions to the interior living rooms. Louvers were used to unify the facades along the glass walls of the 45 residential units.

The character of the Ritz-Carlton was preserved with flair, which the jury particularly appreciated. The hotel and its residences are now a successful example of what can be accomplished in an urban setting when contemporary practice is applied to a traditional frame.

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