Design Must of Spring 2020

You haven’t stocked up on design products yet? Don’t panic, we’ve selected some very nice ones for this season. They are the work of fifteen local artisans and small businesses…local, green, and amazing!

By Madeleine Champagne

Classy, refined, elegant, Margot’s ceramics are a must!


Atelier Margot is a fine ceramics workshop based in Quebec, offering home objects, created and handmade by Mireille Gagnon. Zen in their colour, chic elegance in form, her designs are symmetrical, aesthetic and balanced. The simplicity of the products is also a very important aspect in her production. The famous saying “less is more” totally applies to them. They can thus blend more easily with all types of decorations. The prices are more than reasonable… believe me, you will fall in love with her creations.


Your environment demands Babylon ECO DESIGN


Babylon ECO DESIGN’s mission is to create objects and furniture with products that would have been thrown out. Eureka! Here is a new kind of furniture with added ecological value, without sacrificing anything to their beauty or panache. Moreover, the furniture and accessories are sold with a base price without treatment, in order to keep the selling price as low as possible, allowing you more creativity. It’s spring…your home deserves it!



Get into “perfume therapy” with the De Massy Collection

Mixing lifestyle and wellness, David Massiot has launched a unique collection of fragrances in Montreal, the De Massy Collection. It features nine aromas related to different emotions such as trust, love, inner peace and gratitude.

Composed of essential oils, these perfumes have an application via your mobile phone to accompany you during the day, it’s like a personal coach who would follow you everywhere.

You’ll find “zen tools” with motivational messages, psycho-acoustic sounds also called “binaural sounds” to listen to when you’re anxious and to relax, but also challenges to “put you at ease”. It may seem unheard of, but it works!” the designer assures us. You are, chic, daring, passionate, so experience the De Massy Collection is for YOU!


CUIS INNÉ, tantalizing symbiosis of seeing, living and happiness


Founded by Juk De Montigny, a bold and authentic businesswoman CUIS INNÉ is a company that multiplies partnerships with other designers to offer a variety of imaginative, useful, refreshing and eco-friendly kitchen objects.

She wants nothing less than to guide her clients towards happiness in their daily lives, helping them to create spaces that will enrich their lifestyle. Her mantra: “the beauty of your space will enhance your existence.”

Even her unassuming Cube de Savon, in addition to being practical and eco-friendly, will catch the eye of your visitors who are on the lookout for beautiful things. This soap will quickly become a decorative object for your kitchen. Discover her range of classy and zero waste products.


Nature is closer than you think


DEUX Cosmétiques are handcrafted and natural cosmetics ! Florence Brunet-Doré’s company, offering unisex cosmetic products at affordable prices.

They are made by choosing high quality botanical ingredients from responsible sources. More often than not, her products demonstrate benefits for both the skin and the environment. To use them is to make an informed choice of cosmetics by engaging in a dialogue with nature. Put a little sunshine in your day and adopt Florence’s cosmetics. Bonus: her products’ packaging are very design.


Dinette, the hipsters’ bible


Dinette, here’s a great magazine with a facebook presence of 12,722 subscribers. Radiant in its design, inspired in its content, it’s a world of discoveries, recipes, beautiful photos, unpublished reports, custom illustrations and interviews.

It takes us to explore the world of food with an epicurean eye through encounters, exchanges and escapades. Dinette plunges the reader into a universe where food presents itself as a medium to express its spontaneity.

We don’t eat just because we have to, we eat because it’s a way to appreciate all the beauty of the world. And then there are the collections where you can get the iconic Tuque Milk Shake. Subscribe, it’s worth it.


Dot & lil, pleasure in the bath and more…


Dot & Lil was founded in Montreal in 2008 by Anne Dardick. Anne is obsessed by hot baths, design, and everything vintage or floral.Dot & Lil makes cleverly inspired products for bath, body and home. Their products are handmade in their workshop on Fullum Street.

Their inspiration…the great ladies of the past, the world of flowers and the strength of traditions. Dot&Lil also manufactures a classic line of unisex products for the body and home, their Clark & James brand. They deliver here and in the USA with a little greeting card ”It’s gonna be okay”.


Flowerink, when art meets nature


A creator and ecologist at heart, Mélanie Girard-Brisson is launching Flowerink in 2017, a more environmentally friendly paper mill. Today, it is a flourishing Montreal-based company, specializing in eco-responsible office supplies and greeting cards. How is this possible? Actually, all the paper used in the company is sown with wild flowers or herb seeds.

Everyone work tirelessly to make the most environmentally friendly choices. Their dearest wish is to offer simple, eco-responsible and heartwarming products. Of course the cards can be planted and composted.

Over time, many other items have been added to the list of items offered at Flowerink (coasters, calendars, banners, etc.). Herbs have even appeared in various items.

Melanie herself being an artist using mostly watercolour, we can find her very personal brushstroke in the collection.


Groom, the discreet artisan of your well-being


Since 2013, the founders have been passionately developing their signature formulas using carefully selected natural and ecological ingredients. Their inspiration is rooted in the tradition of men’s skincare, enriched by scientific breakthroughs in cosmetics. With meticulous attention to detail, the entire line is handcrafted in small batches and tested directly in their Montreal workshop.

To represent the services that their products provide, they have chosen the emblematic figure of the bellman, the apprentice concierge of the great hotels of days gone by. His devotion and vigilance ensured your comfort, anticipating your every need. He was the discreet artisan of your well-being.

And indeed at GROOM, they firmly believe that elegance is expressed with sincerity, simplicity and discretion. This is why Groom confidently guarantees the exceptional efficiency of all their products.

Small note: Their tiny comb, perfect for the 7.5 cm long moustache is almost impossible to find… and is worth seeing and buying or ordering, on its own.


La Barbotte, the great painter Matisse would love it!

La Barbotte is a creative project combining textile design and illustration. This young company, under the leadership of Audrey Valois, a woman with a passion for patterns and colours and a desire to highlight craftsmanship in a vibrant and contemporary way.

Daringly, they offer unique and personalized services. They offer contemporary, cheerful, lively and exclusive decorative objects and illustrations that will brighten up any environment. In addition, they can develop custom designs, to give sparkle to design objects and textile, architecture or decoration.

Audrey Valois, likes to see her creations go beyond their primary function and give the space they occupy a unique and original imprint. Whether it’s a motif, an illustration or an object, the goal remains the same: she wants to communicate her passion and spark conversation.


Pigeon Atelier Letterpress, a love story


The founders Marie-Orphée and Valérie founded Atelier Pigeon in 2015 to fulfill a great desire to create unique handmade pieces without restrictions and with the ambition to make a return to slow living… so slow printing and slow creating!

Their adventure began when they unearthed the rare pearl, their famous Chandler and Price press, which dates back to 1892. They fell in love instantly with letterpress, an artisanal printing method that provides an irreplaceable visual and tactile experience.

One thing leading to another, other products such as soy candles are born, not forgetting the first wish: to encourage a return to writing small personalized words to a loved one and to have them travel by mail… just like the famous carrier pigeon!

Their stationery is printed on high quality papers and each piece is hand crafted to offer a unique product.

All their products are designed and developed in Quebec by Pigeon’s creative team. Letterpress printing is also done in their studio located in Mercier, near Montreal.

You will be delighted.

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La caméline, an amazing plant!


Olimega is a company of camelina producers and processors, located in Saint-Édouard, Quebec. Camelina you say? It’s a cruciferous plant. It produces very small yellow flowers. Its seed is harvested and cold pressed mechanically to obtain camelina oil.

Recently rediscovered by scientists, this plant impresses thanks to the quality of its nutritional properties and its unique taste.

Before marketing the first bottles, there were 8 years of research with their partners and agronomists in order to learn about this mysterious plant. What was discovered is a light and subtle oil with a hazelnut and sesame taste and the herbaceous aromas of asparagus. A unique taste Signé Caméline! It is on the menu of the greatest restaurants here and abroad. You should try it!


Sofs design, for the joy and strength to be


The dynamic Sophie Marcoux from Quebec is the manufacturer behind Sofs Designs. Passionate about manufacturing, design, and do-it-yourself, Sofs is a company that wanders around because Sophie believes that making “baubles ” will give you inner strength.

Their mission is to provide both a place of creativity for artisans, a sense of belonging and pride, as well as fun and great items for buyers to enjoy. It is the result of a perfect blend between the need to create and the pleasure of making.

Their motto; play, have fun, do stuff. With Sofs you could feel happier, be healthier and maybe live longer.

Their catalogue is full of choice, have fun looking through it.


Solazur, shining jewellery

Dana is the founder, designer and creator of Solazur jewellery.

Solazur is a blend of authenticity and beauty. You will be delighted by the simplicity and brilliance of copper. You will love the uniqueness of mineral stones from here and around the world. Fall for the palette of colourful reflections of Austrian and Czech crystal.

Its thousands of items are handmade in Montreal, some of them vintage, and occupy one of the most imaginative marketplaces in the world. You can find jewellery in a thousand colours and even customize them, thus possessing a unique creation.


SUPER DIPS, reinventing your recipes with a local product


In the trend of buying local, we suggest you try the SuperDips bags. Created by the company Fa-Products, made in Trois Rivières, they are composed of 100% natural ingredients, i.e. fine herbs and dried vegetables. Moreover, they contain no MSG (monosodium glutamate) or gluten. Easy to use, they will add a little je-ne-sais-quoi from here that will add a local element to your blue basket!


By Madelaine Champagne.