Logo sidim

SIDIM was created on December 7, 1989.

It was Canada’s premium design trade event bringing together designers, architects, specifiers, buyers, business people, consultants, targeted consumers and the media. Three consecutive days of networking in the most beautifully designed trade show in North America. In fact, it is Canada’s design happening in Canada’s most exciting city: Montreal!

SIDIM is a contemporary showcase for the newest trends in design, architectural and building communities, local and foreign. Our exhibitors are hand picked industry leaders, chosen for their quality and presentation, using SIDIM to launch new products and services, to reinforce their client base and expand into new markets.

SIDIM welcomes more than 17,000 visitors strolling down the Show looking for design and architecture products or specialists’ services responding to their every need in order to conclude sales, which would have taken a year in a regular network.